wardrobe for childrens

best wardrobe for childrens

This wardrobe for childrens has a height of 7 feet and a width of 6 feet. This double valve is its 4-door. The dressing table near the valve is 2 feet by 7 feet.

It is engaged in three types of Sunmaika in Children Room design. This design I created this in Jalna Maharashtra. This design I made in 2018 and the Room was very good-looking.

wardrobe for childrens design

It has 18-inch doors. It has handles above 40 inches. Inside the valve are 2-2 drawers under 42 inches. The height of the drawer is 6 inches and it has 1 self below and hanger above.

In this, you can lock the door for safety and also lock the drawer inside. Take it deep 24 inches so that it can keep clothes comfortably.

You can also design the top of the valve, if you have more storage then you can make a box over it. make the box from the level of the valve so that the wardrobe for childrens looks the same.

You can make a drawer under the dressing, inside which all your stuff will come in like powder, oil, bangles, etc. According to Vastu, the glass of the dressing table should not be visible after sleeping.

You should make the dressing in such a way that it is not in front of the bed or you can also put a curtain in front of the dressing.

If you want more items in the dressing, then you should make a 5-inch box behind the mirror, in which all your items will be kept.

your room is big, then this design is good according to the room. If you are small then you can make a 2-door.

You can also put a door in front of the dressing.  You can put a mirror on the door. Take the height of the dressing equal to the wardrobe for childrens to see in a level. You can also consult the interior.

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