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This is a wardrobe with tv unit.  A cupboard has been made on the side of this tv unit which is touch to the ceiling.  Small boxes have been made in it, in which photos or flowers can be kept.  The upper boxes are kept open and make a drawer in the lower box so that the setup box and accessories can be kept inside the drawer. 

You can install glass doors instead of ply doors in wardrobes or make showcases instead of wardrobes to make it look more beautiful. Wallpaper has been pasted on the wall behind it to make it look more beautiful.

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white wardrobe with tv unit

wardrobe with tv unit

This is a white wardrobe with tv unit. The TV  has been installed in the middle of master bedroom wardrobe design with tv unit and there is a wardrobe on its side. Wardrobes have been made up to 7 feet height and doors have been made on top of it by making a separate box so that the goods inside it are not visible. White and black time has been installed in it.

In this, you can install a set up box by giving a glass shelf above the TV.

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