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This is a tv unit model. Its height is up to the height of the sliding window.

It has a self on one side which is 6 inches deep. 

Put steel leg under the tv unit Because the steel leg will not spoil it with water.

With this design, you will get a good tv unit design ready for less cost.

design for tv unit model

The top shelf is 18 inches the middle is 15 inches and the bottom is 12-inch self. design for tv unit box is made on its side, it has a 5-inch deep.

The tv unit model box height is 12 inches and the length is 12 inches. Fit a small light inside it.

Open in which you can fit glass self.

take LED light on all four sides of the TV unit so that it will look more beautiful.

The height of this tv unit is 7 feet and the width is 6 feet.

You can take a TV of up to 42 inches.

If you want to take a bigger TV then you have to increase its width.

Put a socket on the back of the tv unit design in living room so that the pin of the TV is fitted in it so this is not visible.

Put a lightbox above the box of the tv unit sokesh.

You can also take the advice of an architect.

so that it can give you the design according to the place.

besides, you take two colors sunmica.

one color shelf, drawer, and box above, and the other place for the second sunmica.

so this looks beautiful.

tv unit model

tv unit and coffee table set

This is a tv unit and coffee table set. It has a center table in front of the tv unit model.

Fit the steel leg under the center table as it gets spoiled due to water, instead, you can also put a wheel.

its width is 2 feet length is 30 inches and height is 18 inches.

The coffee table design has both side drawers, above it is 12mm glass, and glass is 3 inches above.

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