tv design on wall

best tv design on wall

a showcase is made above the TV, in front of which there are glass doors.

box is made in the corner of which the self is taken out and It has a drawer under it and a box with a door on the side.

And the back of the TV is plywood.

tv design on wall size 

This TV unit is for a big wall, its height is 7 feet and width is 8 feet. It is 3 inches above the wall in which you can put LED lights on both sides. It is open 6 inches below.

You can put wallpaper of flower leaves on the wall behind the tv design on wall so it will look more beautiful. This TV unit is for a large hall.

In this TV design on wall, you take a deep 18 inches of the down box and a deep 12 inches of the top box.

Open the profile door on the top side above the TV and put the hydraulic pump in it. This will make it easier to open the door.

there is no need to hold the door while the luggage leaves because the door will automatically go up with the hydraulic pump.

take the height of the top box 15 inches so that the door does not have much weight and is strong.

you can place the setup box above the down box or place it inside the middle drawer.

and apply a 6mm glass to the drawer in front so that the remote of the setup box can work easily.

If the drawer is plywood in front, the remote will not work for this, it is necessary to take glass in front of the drawer. You can also take the advice of the architect while creating this TV Unit.

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