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Hello guys, this is latest led tv unit designs for living hall.

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about latest led tv unit designs

Keep 5 inches open under latest led tv unit designs or you can put a 5-inch steel leg.

So that the furniture will not be watered while cleaning the floor and it will not spoil quickly.

Fit the plug socket on the back of the TV so that the pin is fitted and the wire is not visible.

fit the TV set up the box button and set up the box pin under the TV.

Above the box, you can place the setup box and DVD.

If you want to keep it in the drawer, then fit the glass in front of the drawer so that the remote of the setup box and DVD can work.

Inside it, you can apply dark and light sunmica, by taking two sunmica colors, you can design it.

latest tv stand designs size

This TV unit is of 7 feet height, a box is made on its side.

latest led tv unit designs length is 5 feet and the width is 1.5 feet. It is 1 feet out from the wall.

A profile door has been placed in front of it, inside which you can apply plain glass so that the inside stuff is visible.

You can keep photos, toys, and flowers in it so that this will make the TV unit look more beautiful.

Touch the box above the TV unit and take a self, keep it 5 feet in length, and take it out 6 inches from the wall.

Below this, you put a 6-inch self above which you can place a photo or flower.

Draw the drawer box below, and make two drawers inside it.

take this box 3 feet long, 1.5 feet wide, and 6 inches in height.

Wallpaper the entire wall behind this TV unit.

You can also take the advice of the architect, they will give you a good design keeping all the convenience in mind.

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