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Hello guys this is tvĀ unit design images.

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tv unit design images size

Its height is 7 feet and its width is 5 feet. On the top side, you can make a box in C type and fit it.

Take out the top box 6 inches from the back and make it 1 feet height so that you can keep some things in it like photos, flowers, etc.

Below this, you make a box in 21-inch height, inside which you can make a drawer and door.

On top of this, you keep 5 inches open in which the setup box, and DVD can be kept.

Also, read – latest led tv unit designs.

Place a light board under the TV. Take the wire from behind the TV’s ply so that the wire is not visible.

Make an 8mm group behind the TV leaving 6 inches below.

If your hall is small then you make tv unit design images on a single wall. It is a beautiful design for a small hall.

You can also keep the TV unit open from the bottom so that it can be cleaned from the bottom of the TV unit.

below it, you should fit a steel leg under it so that it stays strong.

You can reduce tv unit design size according to the space in your hall and if your room is big then you should make it bigger in width so that it looks good.

tv unit sunmica colour

Take white sunmica to the ply behind the TV and in groups you can take black sunmica or you can also do black color.

Take black sunmica to the box above and below and white sunmica to the drawers and doors.

so that your tv unit design images look beautiful.

You can also get advice from architects about TV unit design.

he will give you all the convenience keeping in mind the design so that there is no big mistake.

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