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This is cnc tv unit design. Its height is 7 feet and its width is 6 feet.

It has 2 drawers. It does not have a drawer in the middle. because the setup box will be placed in it.

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Plug the open box so that it can pin the DVD or setup box and switch it over the box.

It is The height of cnc design is 4 feet and the length is 6 feet.

back of the MDF design is an acrylic sheet so that the light can come out.

There is a 5-inch frame behind the acrylic sheet with three to four tube lights.

This is a 6-inch dropbox, 12 inches open below it, so that you can place the dustbin, broom, and some accessories.

TV will fit on the CNC design.

Put plywood on the back of the cnc design where the TV is coming so that the TV will fit over it.

This design is for small rooms. If your room is big then you can increase its size.

cnc tv unit design size 

tv unit design with cnc cutting is made in 12mm MDF, in this you can make any design.

If there is space near the door, then you can put a light board there or else put it on top of the cnc design.

By applying cnc design, your room will look very beautiful, inside it you put colorful tube lights.

You can get this photo made by carpenter by reducing the size of the TV unit according to your location.

You will not spend much on this design, and you will prepare a good design at a low cost.

If you want a TV unit for less than that cost, then you can replace the CNC design with plywood and put sunmica on it.

Because it will cost you less.

If you make this cnc cutting tv unit in the room, then make it in front of the bed so that it looks good.

You also get the advice of the architect, so that it will give you a beautiful design according to the place.

And you enjoy watching TV.

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