You are currently viewing beautiful tv unit with cnc design

This is a simple tv unit with cnc design cutting for celling touch and 12mm MDF.  cnc in which you can put plywood behind the TV so that the TV can be fitted.

Ease of areas and it is strong. In this, according to your place. you can increase the size of the TV unit cnc design.

CNC Cutting design

Put a leg of 4 inches under it so that it does not spoil with water and runs more.

You can also rotate this design in the ceiling so that it looks rotating and looks good.

Apart from this design, you can get the design of flower leaves cut.

cnc tv unit size

tv unit with cnc design height of 18 inches at the bottom of the box and a 6-inch box at the top which is open.

The setup box DVD remote can hold it.

The bottom is a drawer and the top is a 6-inch frame with a 12 mm MDF inside. 6 mm acrylic behind it.

The seat is equipped with a tube light behind the acrylic sheet so that the 12mm MDF design shows the light. 

You can also take this design a little bit so that the design of the flower leaves can be slightly bigger and look better in appearance.

Inside this design, you should install the tube light according to the requirements.

so that the design looks perfect, in addition to this you can also replace the tube light with LED light.

You can use different color LED lights, this is a simple TV unit.

it will not cost you much and you can make a good TV unit at a lower cost.

If you find space to store more stuff then you can also make a box bigger A lot of luggage will sit in it.   

What color to use in tv unit with cnc design 

You will use white and dark sunmica in the tv unit with a CNC design.

white sunmica is placed in the open box and other places apply dark sunmica.

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