Center Table Design

best Center Table Design

This is simple center table design for corian work and both side drawer size 39×27 inch and height 18 inch.

If its size is larger than your hall, then you can increase its length and width.

so that it will look very beautiful in your hall.

Center Table Design

If the hall is small then this size is right.

It has 2-2 drawers on both sides, which is small stuff.

Channel the drawer so that it runs smoothly and the drawer does not spoil quickly.

It is used to keep it as if the newspaper, key etc.

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center table design color 

This center table design made in two colors, it has black sunmica and white is Korean.

The advantage of applying Korean is that it does not show a black line.

it is like a complete Looks but it comes a bit expensive, instead you can apply color core sunmica, which comes cheap, it will reduce your cost.

you can also apply glass on top of coffee table with storage, you can take it out one inch in the moving side so that it Look a beautiful.

center table design wheels

You can put steel leg under it so that it does not get spoiled by water at the bottom and it is easy to clean.

put the steel legs slightly bigger so that the broom can go down easily.

You can also put a wheel under it, but it does not stay in one place with the wheel.

If you need to move it from one place to another, then you can put the wheel so that you do not have to lift it.

Make it to the height of the sofa So that it is not too low.

If you order it online, get it ordered according to the place.

Otherwise you can make center table with Carpenter at home.

This modern table design makes your hole look very beautiful.

You can buy online