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Hello, guys, this is center table with storage this is for a small hall it has a drawer on the top side.

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After opening the drawer, there is storage inside it and after closing it becomes straight from the top.

There are two drawers inside it which open on both sides.

It does not seem to see that there is a drawer inside it.

center table with storage

center table with storage size

Its height is 18 inches and the width is 20 inches and the length is 30 inches.

In this center table with storage, the drawer should take 9 inches at the top and leave 6 inches below it and pack 3 inches at the bottom.

so that the wheels under the centre table with drawer will not be visible.

It has wheels under it so that it will be easy to move from one place to another.

You can also make the center table smaller and larger according to the place.

You should not take its height smaller than the height of the couch.

because it will be difficult to keep the cup, bassi, and glass as it is small.

Inside this, you can place the stuff in the hole.

 sunmica color

Apply two-color laminate on the top side in such a way that the drawer is not visible and apply dark laminate under it.

applying dark sunmica will not make it look dirty because the dirt is more visible on the white laminate when cleaning the floor.

Use two-color sunmica in it so that there is no space between the two drawers and it will look like one from the top.

If you keep it in one place, you fit the leg in place of the wheel so that it stays in one place and does not slide.

This centre table with storage will look very beautiful in your hall.

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