centre table for living room

centre table for living room

This is a center table for living room design. You can put it anywhere in the living room, bedroom or kitchen.

This looks very beautiful. This glass coffee table top black.

Glass coffee table size

This center table has a height of 18 inches, a width of 2 feet, and a length of 3 feet.

In this, the top of the glass is taken out 1 inch on all sides.

You have a wheel under it.

centre table for living room color

Two-color sunmica has been used in it so that you can design anything inside it.

In this, you use black and white color sunmica.

Use a black sunmica in the center of the center table so that it does not look dirty.

because dust is more visible on the white color.

If you make this design then your living room will look very beautiful.

You can buy it online at https://www.urbanladder.com

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