tv furniture under stairs

best tv furniture under stairs

This tv furniture under stairs design.

In this, make a door of 2 feet tv unit under the stairs, in front of it.

you can make a drawer up to 18 inches in height so that the TV can be placed on it.

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fits plywood on the back of the TV so that the TV fits on it.

fit the plug back of the TV so that the TV pin fits in it and is not visible.

In this, you can make 8 to 10 drawers according to the place.

tv furniture under stairs

Use two colors sunmica in this.

Put white sunmica on the back of the TV so that it looks beautiful and put a dark and white sunmica in the drawer below.

Take the box of the TV unit 3 inches from the front so that it has full storage.

you can also take engineers’ advice.

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