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This is design for tv unit. This design is for large halls.

This is a simple tv unit for tall walls.

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You can put LED lights on the back of the TV unit.

Also, put light in the ceiling above the TV unit so that it looks good.

Put a light board where you place the setup box.

so that the setup box pin is taken in it.

and its wires are not visible.

If your room is small, you do not make boxes on both sides of the TV unit.

You can make the design in the middle of it.

You should make a sofa just in front of it so that it looks right for watching TV.

design for tv unit size

This design for tv unit is open 4 inches from the bottom, there is a 7 inch drawer box on top of it.

The height of this tv unit is up to the door frame and is painted behind it.

There is a 1 fit box built on its side, inside which a small light has been fitted.

You can put the setup box DVD in the drawer under the TV.

If you keep the setup box in the drawer, then you put a glass in front of it so that the remote of the setup box can work.

Take the back ply of the TV unit 3 inches above the wall so that it can put LED light inside it.

the bottom box should be 15 inches above the wall.

so that the setup box sits easily inside the box.

Also, you can not make a drawer and keep it open.

You can also take the design from the interior so that there is no big mistake.

and along with it, you can take many decorating tips so that you can understand the needs of all the decorating things.

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