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This is interior design for home. There is a wardrobe on both sides of the door and both side study tables.

This is the design of two children’s rooms.

about interior design for home

You can apply red colour sunmica to it, or you can apply sunmica in superhero photos in the children’s room.

this will make your children’s room look very beautiful.

Some people like to take interior design for home so that there is no big mistake.

you can take lots of decorating tips so that you can help with all the decorating needs.

Take the colour of the furniture according to the colour of the floor and walls in your room.

If your room is big, then you put a dark colour on the wall so that your room will not look too big.

This will help your wall appear closer.

Similarly, if your room is small, then you apply a light colour to the wall so that your room looks slightly larger.

Along with changing design trends every year, we need to know about new materials, colours and styles for decorating rooms.

A study table wardrobe bed and dressing are necessary in the children’s room.

Light the ceiling above the study table so that it is bright above the study table and there is no difficulty in studying.

furniture design size

The height of such a wardrobe is 7 feet the height of the study table is 30 inches and the width is 3 feet.

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On top of this interior design for home, you can make a box and self-attach it so that you can keep the books in it and you can also put glass doors in front of it.

You can also consult the architect. They will give you a good design according to the place.

Besides you can get it made by a carpenter according to this design.

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