profile door for kitchen

Best profile door for kitchen photos

This is a profile door for kitchen and corner crockery unit designs.

You should fit plain glass in the profile door so that the inside is visible.

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profile door for kitchen

about profile door for kitchen 

if you do not want to see the inside, then you can put white glass or color glass in it.

Inside the box can fit a small light on the top side so that the light is inside.

This profile door for kitchen will not fall down when you take the item out.

Inside it, you can keep glassware, glass small utensils, which will make it look more beautiful.

You should make the door less than 20 inches in width.

If you make it bigger than this, the door will become more weighty and it will not be strong.

Fit hydraulic hinges (auto hinges) to it so that the door will close automatically and there will be no fear of glass bursting.

aluminium profile door

Use a 4mm aluminium profile door in the door so that it is not too heavy and take the profile handle standing in it.
You can also fit profile handles on the bottom side of all doors.

If the door opens on the top side, then you should apply a hydraulic pump to it so that it will automatically go up while opening the door.

Take this profile door for kitchen to the door frame of the kitchen in height, make it up to 3 feet in height, and leave it open below.

Inside it, you can give yourself as per need.

Take it out 12 inches from the wall.

At the bottom, you can make a box up to 30 inches in height.

leave the open space between the two boxes so that whatever is needed can be kept, the bottom box should be 18 inches out from the wall.

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