bedside box design

beautiful bedside box design

Hello friends this is a bedside box design.

Take an 18-inch cushion over the bed so that you can sit comfortably using the cushion.

Besides this, you can also apply sunmica with plywood.

Applying plywood or cushion will not spoil the color of your wall.

because applying a head on the wall will apply oil to the wall which will make it look dirty.

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bedside box design

Put the light box above the bedside box design so that you can do mobile charging.

And you can turn the fan and light on.

You will not have to get up again and it will be convenient for you.

bedside box design size

the bed width is 6 feet, the length is 7 feet, and the height is 18 inches and there is a door on top of the bed.

Fitted a hydraulic pump to the door of the bed, so that it is easy to keep the items inside the bed.

and the mattress does not have to be lifted.

The hydraulic pump will move the door up along with the mattress and you will be able to comfortably carry and out items.

bedside box size

it has two boxes on the bedside which are 2 feet in width.

both have 2-2 drawers in the box, height Is 18 inches.

You can reduce the size of the bed according to the space.

If your room is small, you should increase the width of the bed from 4 to 5 feet.

And you can also reduce the width of the bedside box design.

And if your room is big, then you take the width of the bed 6 feet and make the same side box on both sides.

When the room becomes small, you make a single side box.

You can also take the advice of an engineer or you can make a bed and side box according to this design from the carpenter.

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