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Hello friends this is a new bed photos.

there is sunmica on its backside, you can also put a cushion on it.

The ply on the back of the bed is slightly rounded so that it looks good.

This bed back height is 24 inches.

also, you can design a box on the side of the bed whose height is equal to the bed. So that it looks good.

It is a double bed. You can make a box on both sides.

Bed photos size

Its width is 6 feet and the length is 7 feet and the height is 18 inches with  5 inches cushion.

You can make a trolley and also the top doors in which you keep a lot of Luggage.

If your room is small, you can reduce bed photos size.

The bed top is 6 inches out on all three sides so that there is no problem in sitting and feet going in.

There are two types of sunmica in it, so that you can now connect by combining them in the sunmica.

put the lightbox above the side box.

in which you can put the tube light and fan button and you can also put a socket in which the mobile laptop can charge.

If you are tired at home in the evening then you need a good bed.

which is comfortable and stress-free so that you can sleep well.

Take its cushion soft so that it is good to sit.

You can also add cotton to the silt instead of a cushion it will be much softer and cooler than cotton.

You can make these bed photos at home, I made it for 25 to 30000 rupees.

In this, if you take the material cheaper, then you will less money.

If you take the material well, then your bed photos will not deteriorate quickly and its life will increase.

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