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Best kitchen drawers design 2023


Hello friends this kitchen drawers is 30 inches in height.

you can put utensils inside it like plate,  glass ,cup etc.

It is make of steel from inside so that it does not spoil with water.

In this you can keep the utensils you need, which are always handy.

kitchen sunmica design  

it is plywood in front of it. Above you put a sunmica of flower leaves so that it will look very beautiful.

you can put a gas tanki inside the door. kitchen drawers will be useful for keeping the utensils.

 if the kitchen place is big then you can also make it big.

In this you take kitchen sunmica design of flower leaves in the middle and red or black sunmica on the side.

put a granite on top of which your gas cigadi will sit so You can cook standing food.

Will be able to make this kitchen trolley small and very beautiful. it will keep everything in your kitchen organized.

Make a basing above the kitchen that will be used to wash your hands and utensils and make a door under it.

You can place the dustbin inside it.

because the trolley will not be make under it. so you take dustbin.

Near it, you make a crockery unit in which you keep glass items.

your glass items will sit in it and it will look beautiful.

besides that use many types of sunmica in the kitchen  such as flower leaf fruit vegetable.

take this  in Glossy sunmica so that it is easy to clean.

Why apply glossy sunmica in kitchen drawer

If you do not take Glossy Sunmica it is not be well cleaned  and you will have to clean it again and again.

You can also put profile handles in it so that the fabric does not get stuck in it. drawer handle is taking on top. This is fix in glue.

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