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This is kitchen design for l shape. You can put a glass plate, cup-saucer, etc. utensils in it.

This kitchen drawer is of steel inside so that it does not spoil with water.

In this, you can keep all the utensils used in the kitchen, which are always useful.

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kitchen design for l shape

The kitchen design for l shape will be very useful for keeping the utensils in it, all your utensils will sit on it, put granite on it.

keep the gas sigdi on it so that it stays strong.

This will keep your kitchen items organized, and make a base on top of it, which will be useful for washing hands and utensils.

Make a door under it because No it will have drawers inside it where you can keep a dustbin.

On its side, you create a crockery unit in which your crockery items will keep in it.

In a vertical line, you make two trolleys, because three trolleys will not make it. and one you make a pullout trolley.

kitchen design color combination

Use two colors in kitchen design for l shape to give a design.

take a white and pink or white and red to it. take a one white colour Sunmica to it.

Apply white sunmica to the middle drawer and apply another sunmica up and down.

Profile handle

You can put profile handles in it which will fit in the fevicol Besides this you can put the handle in front of it.

glossy sunmica sheet for kitchen 

There is plywood in front of kitchen design for l shape, on which there is a sunmica.

your glass items will be kept in it, in this you use Glossy sunmica so that it will be easy to clean.

If you do not take Glossy laminate, it will have to be cleaned again and again.

put a sunmica of the flower leaves on it, which will make it look more beautiful.

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