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wardrobe with glossy finish

If you have come to this page I think that you are looking for a wardrobe with glossy finish laminate for your room. It is mostly applied in the kitchen so that it can be cleaned easily. you can visit – design of sliding door

Although it is imperative that your wardrobe design should be beautiful and useful, the wardrobe outer design ideas you choose will set the aesthetic for the wardrobe.

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high gloss laminate wardrobe

In a working capacity, this wardrobe is used to attract attention. There are 6-inch drawers at the bottom and sliding doors on top of the wardrobe with glossy finish. Adds strength and sturdiness to floor-to-ceiling wardrobes.

wardrobe with glossy finish laminate

Hinged Wardrobe

Compact and stylish, this wardrobe is functional and easy on the pocket. Taking some design sunmica inside adds an element of fun to this small bedroom.

wardrobe with glossy finish laminate

Inset Sliding Wardrobe

This wardrobe is fitted in a corner in the wall so that Glossy laminates for wardrobes maximize the space in the room and look organized. The inset loft adds functionality and can be used to store items that are needed frequently.

wardrobe with glossy finish laminate

Overlay Sliding Wardrobe

In this, all four side valves are fitted with a black laminate and glossy white Sunmica has been installed in the middle. So that the white sunmica looks beautiful, you can also make a drawer at the bottom so that you can keep more expensive stuff inside a glossy finish sliding wardrobe.

Slide and Fold Wardrobe

These glazed sliding and folding shutters combine the functionality of a hinged shutter with the aesthetics of a slide and fold wardrobe, offering openness and fluidity to the space. The cheerful white and color combination of Khloe never fails to pack a punch!

wardrobe with glossy finish laminate

I hope you like this design.

Which laminate finish is best for wardrobe?

Glossy finish laminate is trending a lot this year. If you are looking for an attractive and glossy finish laminate then you are at the right place.

As the name suggests, it is shiny and has a visible front. Wardrobe doors can be made shiny by using acrylic sheets, laminate, PU paint, or deco paint.


It is generally available in 1 mm to 2 mm thickness. It is fitted on plywood. It is applied only on straight doors as it is not round. This word is not found in stores as it is expensive.

High gloss laminate

This is determined by the sheen of the high-gloss laminates. It is available in a wide variety of colors. It is also mounted on plywood door MDF, it is possible to have a simple and straight design, and it can be rounded slightly.

Duco Paint

This is one paint that works well on all types of surfaces whether it is straight or curved. This is primarily done on MDF and veneers as it is smooth and does not require much preparation. This will make your wardrobe dustproof. It is available in different colors.

PU paint

For surface polishing, PU paint can be applied on glass, ply, or MDF. Because multiple coats are required to get the smoothest finish. It can be painted on the back side of the glass Sutter.