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Hello friends, this is sofa set images for you. This will make your sofa very beautiful and attractive.

your hall looks beautiful.

size of sofa set images

This L-type sofa is a 7-seater and has a height of 2.5 feet. If you buy a sofa online, buy it length-wise according to your location.

How to make design 

If you do not buy you can make it through the design at home from Carpenter or you can consult the interior.

Taking the advice of the interior. he will give you a good sofa design as per the space keeping in mind all the convenience.

it will be easy for the carpenter to work as well.

You should put steel legs under the sofa design so that you are good at cleaning under the sofa.

put a spring on the sofa it will sponge the sofa and feel comfortable to sit on the sofa.

You make a trolley under sofa set images so you can keep your stuff inside.

you keep the seating height from 18 to 20 inches.

so that when you sit, the feet are not in the air and you are on the ground.

make a table in the corner of the sofa but it would be nice to have the whole cushion instead of the table.

You make handles on both sides of the sofa. Make the handle 6 inches

Keep the height of the handle 8 inches above the seating height of the sofa so that it is correct to hold the hand.

While taking the sofa according to the space of the hall so that the sofa sits right.

if you make the sofa set at home then you use good material so that the cushion does not spoil quickly and it looks very useless.

This will make your room very beautiful and comfortable.

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