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hello guys this is l shape sofa design. It is a 4-seat sofa. It has handles on both sides.

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about l shape sofa design

You can increase or decrease its length according to the place.

You can also make it in a U shape if your hall is big.

According to the design, you can easily get it made by a mistry.

If your room is small, do not make it on the L side but make it on one side only.

You can also take the advice of architects, bedside you can get a Carpenter made according to this design.

Use two colors in l shape sofa design.

so that it can give a design and it looks beautiful.

Put plywood on the top side of the sofa and then cushion it.

Besides this, you can also replace the plywood with spring. It will be stronger by applying plywood.

Use a 5-inch cushion on the sofa so that it is comfortable to sit on.

Leather cloth is used in this.

l sofa size

Its length is 7 feet. Both sofas are of 1 size.

It is for a small hall. Its height is 2.5 feet, it will make your hall very beautiful.

Take it 30 inches in width so that it can sit easily.

In this, you take the seat of the sofa at least 22 to 24 inches.

In this, you can make the cloth (cover) good and make it beautiful.

l shape sofa design has 4-inch steel legs under it so that it is easy to clean and it will not be spoiled by water.

Height up to 18 inches from the front of the sofa, there is no difficulty in sitting.
this is a 4-seat sofa.

Take the height of the handle 24 inches from the floor so that it is easy to keep hands.

Make it a round from the front so that it looks beautiful.

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