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this is an l shape sofa design for your living room.

It is a 6-seat sofa. In most places, we see that there are different design sofas, which vary in size.

How to make a sofa

this sofa set design can be made according to your space right now.
Bedside this you need a good engineer Is needed which will give you a good sofa design.

Sofa design

and according to that, you can make that sofa or you can order it online.

by ordering online, according to your location Keeping this in mind.

you have to buy a sofa or you can get a sofa made at home by a good carpenter.

 sofa Design size

It takes 22 to 24 inches of space for a man to sit according to this.

if you want to make a sofa design for 4 seats, then you have to make a sofa of 8 feet.

The height of the sofa set images is 26 inches and the width of 30 inches and 4 inches leg.

it is 18 inches in height to sit from the front which has a 5-inch cushion.

its L side has a sofa without a back side on which you can sit on both sides and its length is slightly larger and you can sleep on it.

The sofa’s handle’s height is 24 inches.

if you make it the sofa at home you make it out of your favorite sofa’s clothes. so that it will look very beautiful couch in your hall.

so it gets you rest and is no problem.

If you have more guests then you can use it as a sofa and also as a bed.

Take a thick pillow on the back side to make it easier for you to sit and your feet are down on the ground.

If you have less space then you can use it to sleep.

so This will not leave you with extra space for the chair and sofa.

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