bed photos

bed photos

Hello friends this is a new bed photo. there is sunmica on its backside, you can also put a cushion on it. The ply on the back of the bed is slightly rounded so that it looks good. This bed back height is 24 inches. also, you can design a box on the side of the …

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kitchen drawer

kitchen drawers

Hello friends this kitchen drawers is 30 inches in height. you can put utensils inside it like plate,  glass ,cup etc. It is make of steel from inside so that it does not spoil with water. In this you can keep the utensils you need, which are always handy. about kitchen drawers it is plywood …

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wardrobe designs for children's room

wardrobe for childrens

This is wardrobe for child has a height of 7 feet and a width of 6 feet. This double valve is its 4-door. And dressing table near the valve 2 feet by 7 feet. It is engaged in three type Sunmaika in Children Room design. This design I created in Jalna Maharashtra. This design I made …

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bedside box design

bedside box design

Hello friends this is a bedside box design. Take an 18-inch cushion over the bed so that you can sit comfortably using the cushion. Besides this, you can also apply sunmica with plywood. Applying plywood or cushion will not spoil the color of your wall. because applying a head on the wall will apply oil …

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l shape sofa design

l shape sofa design

hello guys this is l shape sofa design. It is a 4-seat sofa. It has handles on both sides. Also, read – sofa-set-images about l shape sofa design You can increase or decrease its length according to the place. You can also make it in a U shape if your hall is big. According to …

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Sofa design

Sofa design

this is an l shape sofa design for your living room. It is a 6-seat sofa. In most places, we see that there are different design sofas, which vary in size. How to make a sofa this sofa set design can be made according to your space right now. Bedside this you need a good …

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tv unit model

best tv unit model design

This is a tv unit model. Its height is up to the height of the sliding window. It has a self on one side which is 6 inches deep.  Put steel leg under the tv unit Because the steel leg will not spoil it with water. With this design, you will get a good tv unit …

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