tv unit

best tv unit design

This is a modern tv unit design.

By making this design you can make your hall very beautiful.

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tv unit size

There are five pillars on the side of the tv.
it is 5 inches outside the wall.

Its width is 3 inches. It is a touch to the ceiling above the floor. It has a 2-inch space in the middle which is sunmica.

the top box is 18 inches out of the wall. so that the setup box and DVD can take inside easily.

There are two drawers under it and 4 inches below it is kept open.

so that the floor is easy to clean.

The box is framed in c type above the box.

1 × 1 fit box is made on its side which is 5 inches out from the wall.

You can also make it with the help of architects.

apart from this, you can make a design with a carpenter.

The architect will design according to your facilities.
so that the TV unit looks good and you can set things up properly.

You can place a photo or flower in the box above so that it looks beautiful.

If your hall is big, then you should build a Tv showcase on the whole wall.

You can make it smaller or larger according to your location.

Put plywood behind the TV, which you take out 3 inches from the wall.

and put LED light inside it so that it looks beautiful.

Sunmica color

You can also wallpaper the wall behind the tv unit or color the wall.

Inside it, you can use two-color sunmica to give some design to it.

Use black and white colors in it.

You can also use another color instead of black.

Make sure to have a plain white color so that the sunmica is a combination.

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