tv unit design with wallpaper

tv unit design with wallpaper


This is small tv unit design with wallpaper.

tv unit size

There is an 18 inch box under the TV unit, 4 inches above the floor.

So that it is easy to clean and it does not spoil with water.

because when cleaning the floor it will be watered, which can spoil it.

for this you keep 4 to 5 inches open under the TV unit.

In this box you make a 6 inch drawer at the bottom and keep 12 inches open on top of it so that the setup box can hold DVD in it.

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In this box, you make a 6-inch drawer at the bottom and keep 12 inches open on drawer top.

Also you can keep the set top box and DVD inside the drawer.

But for that you have to put glass in front of the driver so that the remote can work easily.

Do not take it out more than 16 inches from the wall so that tv unit design with wallpaper looks good to see.

You can also make a box on the side of the TV, inside which you can place photos or flowers.

Put a plywood or glass self over the TV unit. You can place a crockery items on top of it.

tv unit design colour 

On top of this you apply white Korian, by applying white korian, it will look completely white and it will not look joint.

In addition you can also apply white sunmica.

You will not spend much in White Sunmica and it will become a good TV unit at a low cost.

Put wallpaper on the entire wall behind the TV unit. In this, if you take a wallpaper of flower leaves, it will look better.

Apart from this, you can also take the advice of the engineer or you can get the carpenter made through this design.

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