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Hello friends this is ceiling new design. The height of this TV unit is 7 feet and the width is 8 feet. 

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about ceiling new design

Take a 15-inch showcase on the side of the TV unit.

It has glass doors on both sides which is a crockery unit and 12 mm mdf in the ceiling which is cnc cutting.

This TV unit descends from the ceiling.

Create a showcase on both sides of the TV in which you can place photos and flowers.

ceiling new design has glass doors on both sides and a drawer on the bottom side.

There is an open space under the drawer. so that you can clean it easily.

12 mm MDF is fitted inside the ceiling, 4 mm acrylic seat is mounted on top of it.

It has a colour tube light on it, which makes the CNC design look good when you turn on the tube light.

In CNC design you can take flower leaves to make them look more beautiful.

Place 5 inches of glass on top of the box below, inside which the DVD setup box can be placed.

This TV unit is for a large wall.

if you take a TV of 40 or 42 inches, then you have to 8 fit the width of the TV unit.

How to fit cnc sheet

For ceiling new design, you make a box in plywood for the CNC seat, inside which put the CNC seat.

If you are doing POP in the sealing, then you first make a box of plywood and then make a POP.

It is a modern design of a tv unit and sealing design. 12mm MDF width of the TV unit and sealing design is 18 inches.

ceiling new design Sunmica colour 

Inside it, you can apply white and black colour sunmica.

inside the showcase and drawer is white sunmica and dark sunmica on top of the box.

this will make the ceiling new design look beautiful.

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