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These are round bed design images. It is round from the front.

Built drawer on its side which is 4 inches above the bottom to make it easier to clean the floor below.

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size of round bed design images

Its length is 7 feet and its width is 5 feet.

round bed design made 13 inches in height so that its height will be 18 inches with a 5-inch mattress taken on top of it.

Make the height of the cushion is 30 inches behind it,

in addition to this you can also apply sunmica in place of the cushion.

You can take the size of the mattress from 4 to 8 inches according to your size,

if you want its height to be more then you can take the size of the mattress to 8 inches.

sunmica of round bed

It has two types of sunmica.

This is PUC Sunmica so this is an easy place in rounds as does not break in rounds.

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