bed over bed

bed over bed

You can make a bed over bed and wardrobe on top of the palang in less space so that all your item will put and the space will also be saved.

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over the bed decor

bed over bed is the design of the interior.

To climb up it, built a wooden stairs and fit it in one side, besides you can also put aluminum stairs.

Stairs of aluminum will be lighter and it will cost less.

Fit a wall fan on the wall above the palang  so that you do not sweat during the summer days.

And you should also fit a wall fan on the top palang, because it will affect the head by fitting a ceiling fan.

take the double plywood of the upper it so that it stays strong and will not come down from the weight.

Fit the lights on the up and down on this.

bedroom size

Its length is 10.5 feet. There is a box of 1 feet in the corner.

The second design is over 5 feet. This design is a touch to the ceiling above.

there is a 6.5 feet and in front of it there is a 3-feet valve, its deep is 3 feet.

The height of the down valve is 5 feet and the height of the palang is 1.5 feet so that you can easily sit in it.

Above it there is a 4 feet valve in the corner and 6.5 feet palang is ahead of it.

You make a trolley under it so that a lot of items will put inside it.

in this you make two trolleys so that it is not too heavy.

bed railing for baby

Make the upper pulung a wooden or steel railing.

so that you do not have the fear of falling down when you sleep and it is safety.

This railing takes you 7 inches above the palang mattress.

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