wardrobe design for bedroom

wardrobe design for bedroom

This is the wardrobe design for bedroom. This is a long wall design.

This design is made in two sunmica colours.

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about wardrobe design for bedroom 

There are 2 doors in the height of the wardrobe and there is a box over it.

This wardrobe design for bedroom  is built all over the wall.

Its doors are 3.5 feet in height.

In this, you take one dark and one light of Sunmica.

If you use this Sunmica in the room, you can use simple sunmica instead of Glossy.

If you make a wardrobe  in the kitchen, you can apply Glossy Sunmica  on it.

because applying Glossy Sunmica will make it easier to clean.

Because while working in the kitchen, the hands get fair due to which if we put our hands anywhere, it becomes dirty.

So Glossy Sunmica is good for this.

This will make your design look very beautiful.

You can also consult the engineer to make wardrobes.

They can give you a good design or you can make wardrobes according to this design.

wardrobe size

The height of the wardrobe design for bedroom is 7 feet and the width of the door is 18 inches.

Do not take the width of the door more than 20 inches.

because taking more width will not make it stronger.

For this, you should keep the door small in width so that it runs longer.

If you make this wardrobe in the kitchen, do not take it more than 16 inches deep.

because the kitchen items will sit comfortably in 16 inches.

You can also make a drawer inside it.

Drawer under 42 inches so that it is easy to open and close. 

Take a deep 24 inch wardrobe.

So that you can keep your clothes and other belongings comfortably.

Wardrobe design Sunmica colour

In this, you apply 2 colour sunmica such as black and white or red and  white.

You can apply sunmica with two colour combinations.

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