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The use of ceiling glass is very popular for ceiling decoration. Today interior ceiling designs use glass panels for a modern or contemporary look.

Using painted glass, and stained glass with backlight will give a different look and feel to the ceiling decoration.

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ceiling glass

Stained glass was used in palaces by wealthy people in the 1st century ad. You can read the history of stained glass.

Even today we use painted glass it is economical for all. Here are some stained glass images I hope you enjoy too.

what is a glass ceiling

Most people sleep on the roof of their houses, then the only thing that comes to their unique ceiling designs is their bedrooms and halls.

ceiling glass

the ceiling glass design is usually the last thing that we think about while building a house, but it can give a nice character to the house which no other art can do.

The best part of a great ceiling design that attracts the eye, is that you don’t have to completely remodel your home to have the design you want.

There are great ways to save money like buying ceiling tiles, and wallpaper. You can be painted in any color.

If you’re looking for something more, you can also CNC MDF into it.

Or you can redo the entire ceiling by hiring a contractor. These beautiful ceiling inspirations and ceiling ideas give a room that gives you a special and extraordinary experience.

So let’s turn the roof of the house into an amazing collection that will surely inspire you.

Modern ceiling glass can do much more than just providing a plain white ceiling.

Anything you can imagine with an amazing number of designs.

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ceiling lights

ceiling glass

Architects play with both form and function, so you can clearly incorporate beautiful LED lighting as part of an elaborate and exquisite ceiling light design.

From adding pendant lamps and chandeliers to a classic look to giving an attractive and stylish modern option, an innovative ceiling glass design can do wonders in any existing room when combined with proper lighting techniques.

Better bedroom ceilings incorporate skylights into their design. Custom-designed ceilings can offer a unique and luxurious appeal.

It can change the look of a room in a gorgeous fashion. glass ceilings can give your interior design the expansive feel that many designers and homeowners dream about.

It is also in line with modern design trends. However, it works well for high house roofs.

By taking LED light over the glass, the design of the glass looks beautiful.

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