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What is pvc board 

PVC board is a type of plastic material that is used in furniture. It is waterproof. It can be used inside or outside the house.

can pvc board be painted

You can paint PVC boards. While painting, clean the board thoroughly. Remove any dirt on it. Then sand it a little for better painting.

After this, apply primer used on pvc. After the primer dries, you can use acrylic paint or plastic paint. A thin coat holds better than a thick coat.

is pvc board waterproof

PvC is waterproof and moisture resistant, so it is used in places where there is water such as bathrooms or gardens because it does not swell or rot like wood.

It is very useful in damp places.

can pvc board be used outside

pvc boardthis board is mostly used on the outside because it is durable in water. Be it sunlight or rain, it can remain without bending or tearing.

Its color does not fade and it is termite-free, due to which its use on the outside is very useful.

which is best pvc or plywood

pvc boardChoosing between PVC and plywood depends on the requirements of your project.

PVC offers the advantage of being waterproof, lightweight, rot and insect resistant so it can be used in water environments.

Pvc Plywood, on the other hand, is usually less expensive and is stronger. It is suitable for indoor use but not in water environments as it is not suitable for use in water environments.

pvc plywood 18mm price

pvc board

The PVC plywood 18mm price depends on factors such as brand, location and quality. Currently, the price of board in India is up to $60.

This is the price of high density 18mm PVC plywood. But it is necessary to check with local suppliers for the most accurate information.

Also, prices may fluctuate over time due to changes in material costs, demand and factors affecting the market.

pvc board 4×8

PVC board 4×8 is available in all shops. It is available in different sizes like 7×4, 6×4, 7×3. There are many types of boards available which have different prices.

High density and low density PVC foam board are available in it. High density boards are stronger.